New Dockhunt website allows Mac users to share their docks and discover new apps

Max Musing has created a new website “Dockhunt” for Mac users to share their docks and discover new apps, along with his team at Basedash.

Dockhunt macOS

Here is how to share your macOS dock and find news on the Dockhunt website

Like Apple Music subscribers can follow their friends and family on the service to know what they are listening to and discover new music, Mac users can do the same by sharing their macOS docks. 

Here is how you can share your macOS dock on the Dockhunt website to see which apps are popular currently and more importantly, to find new apps.

  1. Download the Dockhunt app for macOS to add your dock to the website.
  2. Run the “npx dockhunt” command in the Terminal app. You will need to install Node.js on your Mac.

Dockhunt macOS

Dockhunt website uses a simple and easy-to-use interface for you to browse through uploaded docks and view a rundown of the most used or top apps. Once your macOS dock is added to the website, you will receive a unique URL that can be shared on social media to share your dock and others to do the same.

The developer explained that it is not easy to find apps that one can not live without and often good recommendations come from other makers. Dockhunt offers a platform for Mac users to connect with other users in search of their next must-have app.

As a maker, I’ve always been fascinated by the apps people can’t live without.

One of my favorite places to find the most essential products is, well, from other makers. Clearly I’m not alone. When I meet other builders, the first question they ask is often some version of: “what’s in your dock?”

The team at Basedash and I thought it’d be fun to ship a project that lets you answer that question. It’s called Dockhunt and we’re excited to hear what you think!

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