Download the Windows Live Essentials offline installer

Windows Live Essentials takes to long to install for you? Internet connection unreliable? Then grab the full offline installer at this link. Using it, you can install all Windows Live Applications as well as their required components without having to connect to the Internet. And if you still haven’t upgraded yet, you really should! Don’t let the online installer hold you back.

Windows Live

Update: ok, that link pointed to the old beta installer. Thanks to Abhishek for pointing out! The correct link for the Windows Live Essentials RC is here.

Update 2: The latest Windows Live Offline installer can be download here.

In case you don’t know about Windows Live Essentials, you can go throughout extensive walk through here. Microsoft has essentially re-branded many MSN and Windows Live services to unify them under one brand. This change not only affects the online services such as Hotmail and Calendar but also the desktop apps like MSN Messenger. This is an attempt to clean up and unify the design and feature set of web and desktop applications as well as to compete against Google as most of their applications compete against each other such as Gmail vs Hotmail, Windows Live profiles vs. Orkut and so on.

Microsoft has been suffering huge losses compared to their operating income for their online division recently so this re-branding actually comes in at a critical phase for the company. This is also a time when dependency on desktop apps has started to decrease since web apps are becoming more powerful by the day.

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