Drawing on iPad Pro – professionals give their opinions

Apple has really sold iPad Pro as a device targeted towards professionals with a Pencil for creative tasks. While Apple had showcased some uses for the Pencil in their September 9 event, industry professionals from Pixar, Disney and at Adobe’s Max event have gotten their hands on the iPad Pro to try it out and see how it fares in real world usage.

Drawing on iPad Pro - professionals give their opinions

The main question users had, which was not addressed during Apple’s keynote, was regarding palm rejection. According to Michael B. Johnson from Pixar, “It has perfect palm rejection as far as we were able to see.” The team at Pixar had visitors from Apple with iPad Pro and Pencil to give them some hands on time.

The artists at Disney also got some time with the iPad Pro thanks to Apple. They showed off some sketches of Mickey Mouse and Olaf on Twitter:

Disney team did not share any impressions but it is safe to say that they loved it.

Folks over at Creative Bloq also got to spend some time with the iPad Pro and Pencil at Adobe’s Max event. Adobe had loaded up the iPad Pro with their apps such as Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Draw which have been optimised for the new tablet. They ranked it as the most natural stylus experience ever:

Our verdict? Well, we’re as surprised as you… but we have to report this was the most natural stylus experience we’ve ever experienced.

Quite simply, the Pencil feels more like a real pencil than any other stylus we’ve tried.

They also enjoyed the split view multitasking features, supported by Adobe’s apps which provide better productivity.

With the amount of apps already supporting Pencil such as Procreate, Paper and Adobe’s offerings, I would not be surprised to see iPad Pro get widespread adaption in the creative industry. Users would rather have dedicated apps that work well than desktop apps on a touch screen that have clunky interfaces and touch interactions. With the upcoming release in November, it should be interesting to see how well it sells.

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