New Apple Watch ads showcase best uses

Apple has posted 6 new ads for Apple Watch which highlight its different uses ranging from Apple Pay to messaging and health. The ads have a very different look than what we are used to from past ads, getting rid of the mostly white backgrounds that Apple is known for.

The new ads titled Sing, Train, Cycle, Ride, Date and Sprinkle are all 15 second spots which is apt for a product like Apple Watch which also has short and simple interactions.

Sing showcases audio messaging through the Watch. Train highlights heart rate monitoring. Cycle shows off health. Ride is about Apple Maps navigation. Date is about message notifications while Sprinkle shows how quick and convenient Apple Pay is.

Check out all the ads below:

With watchOS 2, Apple has really improved Apple Watch as a product and platform. These ads to not highlight any third party apps but with native app support, developers are releasing good new apps such as sleep trackers and the likes. Check out our list of watchOS 2 apps. Customisation is another aspect which is improved but still needs more attention by Apple. Find out how you can create your custom photo watch faces on Apple Watch.

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