Driver Feedback iPhone App uses your accelerometer to evaluate your driving

State Farm Insurance has released an app that allows you to record a trip, and then it evaluates your driving skills and habits to determine how “safe” of a driver you are or are not.  The app is called Driver Feedback and was released with the intention to help drivers in the areas of acceleration, braking, and cornering.  The app scores each category, and then gives you tips on how you can improve.











The app can also track your trips on the map and show you where the alerts were.  Possibly which corner you took too hard or where you hit the brakes too hard.  You can also compare trips between friends, and send your trip results via email or SMS.  The app will also support multiple users allowing you too compare on the same device.  State Farm states that they do not collect the information and that the data recorded will not affect your insurance rates.  If you ask me, that’s what it should be doing.  Lowering your rates if you are a careful driver, and raising them if you are not.











The app is available as a free download in the app store, so go get it. Even if you feel you are a good driver, maybe it would be fun just to see how bad a driver you could be as well. Personally, I think it will be a fun app to have. I can compete with my friends to see who is safe, or not safe.  See the video below from State Farm.


[images via 9to5mac]

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