Enable iPhone 3GS like Voice Control in iPad

Now that iPad jailbreak is out thanks to Spirit, let the modding begin! One of the coolest features of iPhone 3GS is voice control, and it’s shocking as to why Apple didn’t include it in the iPad despite equipping it with a mic. But fear not, you can get it to work on your iPad thanks to this little hack:


  1. Make sure you’ve jailbroken your iPad. Follow our simple guide here to jailbreak your iPad with Spirit.
  2. For Windows users, you’ll need a software like WINSCP and for Mac, you can use Cyberduck.
  3. Install OpenSSH on your iPad using Cydia. Open up Cydia and search for it. You’ll have to restart your iPad after that.
  4. Now use the following settings to log into your iPad: IP address of your iPad and username: root and password: alpine and protocol: SCP
  5. Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app
  6. Open K48AP.plist in a text editor or a plist editor
  7. Under the capabilities section, add the following key



8. Reboot your iPad and Voice Control should now work!

To add more features to Voice Control:

  1. Navigate to /System/Library/VoiceServices/PlugIns/Base.vsplugin/English.Iproj
  2. Open Help.strings
  3. Change anything that says iPod into iPad
  4. Voice Control will now say iPad instead of iPod

Enjoy! :D

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