Make non-iPad apps run full screen (not just pixel-doubling) on the iPad!

Apple did a somewhat smart thing by allowing all iPhone/iPod Touch app to run in double the size on the iPad. Even though the apps look pixelated, they do work. Which makes one wonder, why didn’t Apple just make the apps run full screen on the iPad instead of just double their size? They look pixelated either way, but the black borders aren’t really fun to look at. Here’s a trick which lets you can make non-iPad apps run full screen on an iPad ( jailbreak required ). Trust us, they’ll actually look better.

  1. Make sure you’ve jailbroken your iPad. Follow our simple guide here to jailbreak your iPad with Spirit.
  2. For Windows users, you’ll need a software like WINSCP and for Mac, you can use Cyberduck.
  3. Install OpenSSH on your iPad using Cydia. Open up Cydia and search for it. You’ll have to restart your iPad after that.
  4. Now use the following settings to log into your iPad: IP address of your iPad and username: root and password: alpine and protocol: SCP
  5. Now that you’ve logged in, navigate to the app you want to make compatible in /var/mobile/Applications
  6. Open the info.plist in the application’s main folder
  7. Add the following:


Respring and enjoy your apps in fullscreen! :D

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    This is how Beejive looks before this trick:


And this is after. Better eh?




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