Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G/3G with OS 3.1.2/3.1.3 with Spirit (Untethered for all devices!)

You can finally jailbreak iPod Touch 2G or 3G with OS 3.1.2 or 3.1.3! Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPhone with OS 3.1.2/3.1.3, iPad OS 3.2 and iPod Touch 3.1.2/3.1.3. It’s as easy to use as blackra1n. Finally, you’ll be able to upgrade to the latest OS and jailbreak it without having to deal with the tethered jailbreak problems which required you to jailbreak it again on every reboot.

It doesn’t matter if your iPod Touch model is MC or non-MC, Spirit just works! It even works with 3.1.2, so you don’t really need to upgrade your OS. Make sure you’ve backed up your SHSH blobs before jailbreaking, though. Better safe than sorry.

Jailbreak iPod Touch with OS 3.1.3

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes. (9.1.1 at the time of writing)
  2. Download Spirit
  3. Run Spirit and click Jailbreak.

    Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G/3G with OS 3.1.2/3.1.3 with Spirit (Untethered for all devices!)

    If you get error code c0000005, set compatibility mode to Windows 95/Me as shown below:

    Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G/3G with OS 3.1.2/3.1.3 with Spirit (Untethered for all devices!) 2

  4. When the jailbreak is done, the app will show you the status. Your iPod Touch should automatically reboot and you’ll have an untethered jailbreak! Congrats!

Once jailbroken, you can open up Cydia and download all your favorite apps and tweaks to customize your iPad touch. We regularly cover popular and must-have jailbreak tweaks and will continue to do so, so stay tuned.

If you any issues/problems with the jailbreak, don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comments below and we’ll be glad to help you out. Make sure you read the guide properly, though!

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  1. i have an ipod 2g on 3.1.3 & i have it jailbroken on blackra1n but i accidently messed up my cydia & now its not working so i want to rejailbreak it using Spirit, will this work?…

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  3. when i try to download it it says “error copying file or folder: cannot copy Spirit[1]: access is denied. make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use” whats wrong?

  4. Seems that spiritjb.com is having issues…..the download for windows leads to 404 error website not found. Downloaded a copy off thepiratebay but have not tried it yet. I guess I'll find out soon.

  5. I download spirit and I click spirit.exe but the device iPod touch 3G(3.1.3 ) is not supported
    message and can’t jailbreak it : Help me (window 7 statre version I’ve already follow the manual.

  6. I’ve got a 3g ipod touch (3.1.3) and i keep getting error code ff
    Help please?

  7. I downloaded spirit and I check compatibility (I have window 7 starter) and I clicked spirit.exe
    saw the message “Device iPod touch 3G(3.1.3) is not supported.” it didn't work (simply I can
    not click the jailbreak button) What can I do? ipod 3g(3.1.3) can't jailbreak yet?
    Please help me

  8. The App is REALLY Nice and Simple to use, I jailbroke my iPod 2G (MC Model) but I have a Problem that I havn't had Before on Blackra1n which is basically when I add a new Source I get “http://apt.modmyi.com Cached Failed” then a big error message about “Failed to Retrieve…… http://apt.modmyi.com/ ………………………………………………………………!”, I have tried Multiple Restores and Re-jailbrakes and including restarting my Router :S


  9. I downloaded and set the compatibility to 98 cuz it wouldnt work with windows. Need help please

  10. I downloaded the newest itunes but it still says i need it.
    what do i do???

  11. i have a huge problem with the spirit jailbreak. it jailbreaks fine, but when i open cydia and try to download packages it comes up with all sorts of errors like “cached failure” and “host unidentified”. also, i cannot add sources or repos, it cannot identify any repos. pleaaaase help, i've been trying to download all day……

  12. I Jailbroke my ipod touch 3rd gen running 3.1.3 and its says successful but when i try to sync my downloaded apps/ games onto they wont sync.. how can i fix this??


  13. Hi, I just tried to jailbreak my iphone 3gs. Everything was looking fine until it was rebooting and got stuck on this purple cosmic screenshot with the “still thinking” circle. I then switch it off and all that comes up now is the white apple logo. Its not possible to do anything with it? Please help. Best Patricia

  14. go to cydia>search>app sync for 3.1.3 if there is one u are lucky to sync and transfer all apps to your ipod touch.

  15. if they are hacked applications u need to download 'APPSYNC 3.2' to sync all ur apps from computer to ipod touch.

  16. When downloading apps, do i use the regular store or do i have to get apps from cythia ? I'm confused about this….

  17. I downloaded the spiritjb and im a little confused on what to do next… any help would be appreciated.

  18. Hi all,

    So the hard drive with my iTunes library crashed a while ago, and I didn't have a backup (oops, I know, that was dumb). I've got an iPod touch 64GB with 3.1.2. On several occasions, I've almost purchased CopyTrans 4 to just rebuild and get it over with, but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. And tonight it hit me that maybe jailbreaking could work….can anyone tell me if this is a viable option? I just want to grab all my music and apps and photos and make a new library so I can sync… I know it's not a lot, but $20 is $20…

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions. :)

  19. ok so i jailbroke my ipod touch with this but any themes i try to download with winterboard won't show up after i install and select them please help

  20. hi,just downloaded the spirit and jailbreake my i touch 8gb latest version,it take a long time on the screen loading or updateing(its almost 5 mins) unable to turn it off bu pressing the power buttom??

  21. would u put the latest version of itunes on the computor of the ipod touch.

  22. I am wondering how to get 'ROCK' the app that is like cydia but has a few different things. Is this available and I am just not finding it or what?

  23. You have to use the normal app store for your normal apps. For special apps and the ones that for some reason werent allowed in the Original app store, cydia is your choice.

  24. About how long does the jailbreak process usually take?
    I'm using a 2g ipod touch runinng OS 3.1.3 on MAC osX. I ran spirit, it said it detected the ipod, I clicked jailbreak, it said jailbreaking and the ipod got the colorful screen with a progress bar. Spirit said jailbreak complete, I clicked quit. But the ipod still has the colorful screen, the status bar is full, and I have a spinning dial-ish ting in the middle of the screen. There's no indicated problem, but it's been like this for about 10 or 15 minutes. What should I do?

  25. Hi, I have a problem with SPIRIT software. I did whole process of jailbreaked my ipod touch (I have 2G with OS 3.1.3. MC model) Everything is ok,. When it finished. I've got Cydia app in mi iTouch. Apparently that's it. I have finally my MC MODEL Jailbreaked. But it is not. Because when I try to install cracked apps from iTunes I can't. Also I tried with iPhone PC Suite but it says that my ipod touch isn't jailbreaked. Same thing with iFun Box. These two softwares say that my iTouch is NOT Jailbreaked. Wierd thing.
    So, what can I do? Someone can help me?
    Thank you.

  26. If you have Cydia app on your iPhone it IS jailbroken. You wont find any help here regarding cracked apps, sorry. The problem could be with these two software I think, there's no doubt your iPhone is jailbroken.

  27. I tried blackra1n for a week but it didnt work for me; kept tethering on me. So, I tried Spirit and I am very pleased with my untethered ipod touch.

    Here is my platform: Mac OS X Snow Leopard, iTunes 9.1.1, ipod 2ndGen 3.1.2(7D11). Let me know if you guys need help.


  28. hi, I have an ipod touch 64 gb 3g 3.1.3 and I have a problem with the spirit jailbreak.after my ipod rebooted, it deleted the calculator app and the app store icon in the down right corner. should I restore and try to jailbreak it again, maybe this time it doesn't do this?

  29. I jailbroke my iPod Touch with this, and everything is fine, except that I can't get the iTunes Apps I had before back on my iPod since jailbreaking it. What's wrong?

  30. OMG you dont know how many times i screwed up my ipod and my computer trying to jailbreak my ipod!!!!! Im soooo excited this worked! THANKS 5/5

  31. Lol, someone told me to jailbreak my iPod with this.. haha I did but like what does it do :L

  32. how do i do the lines thin when you unlock your ipod and to change the background and theme????

  33. well u have to go to cydia and install an new source called – apt.macosmovil.com and then soft restart your ipod and then go bck to cydia and type on search for AppSync and download any one of them!!! that should work

  34. im not sure why it wont work :/
    my ipod has the loading bar, and then nothing happens
    i cannot download anything now either
    anyone have a suggestion?

  35. If you jailbreak your iPod you can download a thing called “Installous” which you can get games you would normally have to pay for, for free.

  36. Hi!
    I have a problem with the jailbreak: I have an iPod Touch 3G 8GB with 3.1.3 OS, and the jailbreak process completed succesfully, but now I can't access my wifi network(WPA-PSK). There is another unencrypted wifi network near my home, but that works well. With my netbook I can connect to my encrypted wifi network without problems.
    Any Suggestions?

  37. hello
    someone help asap
    i jailbroke my ipod and when i did the original apps like photos safari and videos are gone
    can anyone help asap where did the apps go

  38. download winterboard using cydia. then, download the themes your like and apply it using winterboard

  39. I jailbroke my iPod and the Cydia app came up but I every time i open it it keeps saying reorganising. then closes. can you help?

  40. I tried to jb a iPod 3G (MC-Model) 3.1.2, but Spirit did'nt even recognize it. It was always like “Please connect device” please help me!!!

  41. I used spirit to try and jailbreak my ipod touch 2G with 3.1.3 OS and it said it was successful but my ipod wont finish rebooting? should I just keep trying or should i try another program? Thanks!

  42. i downloaded spirit and clicked jailbreak. and then i held the hold and home button for 10 sec. and now it has the apple screen. like if your turning it on. and it wont do anything. what do i do??? help!!!

  43. hey i was wondering if it will keep your apps the same way with all chats still loaded after you have jailbroken it? or would i have to back it up?

  44. I jaillbroke my iPod touch, a classmate of mine doesn't has to pay for the games anymore but when i had jaillbroke my ipod i have to pay for all that games…
    Can somebody help me?????? PLEAS!

  45. FATAL(__LINE__): Assertion failed (dl.c:198): 0 == (AMDeviceStartService(dev, service, &it, NULL)) (but it was -402653091)

    .. this is what i got when i tried to jailbreak

  46. I have my ipod upgraded
    (to 3.1.3) but if I click on jailbreak at the spirit screen I get an error of dl.exe is not working anymore I get this error immediately after i clicked on jailbreak, I tried to set it in compalibility mode but it isn't working , can someone please help me?

  47. Hi ilv Jailbreaked my Ipod Touch 2g Ilv downloaded a Theme For it But I Dont Know How to set it What do i do?

  48. i held the home and hld buttons for 10 seconds now it just sits on the apple screen nothing is happening

  49. wow…… the best Jail Breaker I ever had…… so easy to use and handle……. thanks Buddy

  50. wow…… the best Jail Breaker I ever had…… so easy to use and handle……. thanks Buddy

  51. After i i went into Cydia my music movies and other files wre gone then i restart it and now it just stays on the appple screen some one Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  53. My iPod is on still on the loading screen, even though the computer said it wasn't done! I think it was because I tried using blackra1n earlier. Please help!

  54. I did it but know it is stuck in the loading thing with the purple cloud things on my ipod screen.

  55. You must run the jailbreak again to restore it, if you restore with iTunes, it will deleted ALL OF YOU FILES!

  56. I did it but know it is stuck in the loading thing with the purple cloud things on my ipod screen.!! It would always stay on that page and i can't even shut my ipod! HEELP ! What should I do???

  57. Immediately After I Attempted To Jailbreak My iPod, It Failed And Error c000035a Appreared. Nothing Else Came Up. Can Someone Help Me?

  58. I want to jailbreak my itouch 3g. My only prob is that I am playing an online game in which you accumulate levels and stats throughout. If I jailbreak am I going to lose all the data and have to start over? If there is any chance of losing it, I do not want to jailbreak!! Please let me know Thanks!!

  59. My ipod touch 2g non-mc is also stuck on the loading screen. no buttons work. i-tunes can find it, and sync with it, however. So, what now? Let it run itself down, try to do a restore?

  60. I ran the Jailbreak on my iPod Touch 3.1.3 w/ 32 gb, and now I can't log into the web or download the Cydia applications. I haven't figured out the winterboard deal either. I get the notation of “Operation could not be completed. Invalid argument”. yes, I'm a little bummed out by this. Any help?

  61. I have a problem where everytime I download a new application, 6 or so blank pages appear. I hold on a random spot on one of the blank pages and the page is full of “invisible icons” that open up safari. When I delete them, they appear as bookmark ” “.

  62. I jailbreaked just fine, but no outside apps work. they all give me the same error message. It tells me I cannot install the app because an unknown error occured (0xe88001) Am I missing something?

  63. please help my ipod is stuck on the purple cloud thing and i dont no what to do!!!

  64. it sais that the jailbreaking is succeded but i can't install any cracked apps….

  65. Hey,
    I've recently jailbroken my iPod Touch 3G 3.1.2 . After completing the process, I do not seem to have wifi connections. That means I can see the networks but CANNOT access them. Any help?

  66. I did is, and got stuck on the cluod, though the spirit claimed that the jailbreak worked.

    I shut my ipod down and now, when i turn it on q connect it to computer to turn it on,
    it's stuck on the apple logo

    helppppppppppppppppp plz

  67. EVERYONE WHO HAS A PROBLEM WITH THE PURPLE CLOUD THING PLEASE READ: It will be stuck on that purple cloud thing for a long time and might not go away, you either have to wait for it to die, or hold the power button off and the home button at the same time…it worked for me butyou might have to back ipod back up

  68. after i have jailbroken my ipod and have cydia how do i get apps,music and movies

  69. When i did this jailbreak i lost the 4 apps on the bottom bar (photos, music, settings, and videos) how do i get them bak??

  70. well this thing is useless… All it does is screws your iPod up, It isnt Untethered either. Stick with Blackra1n

  71. why after i jailbreak 3g 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 with redsn0w or spirit I have no wifi network reset doesn't work

  72. when u jailbreak ur iTouch, do u have 2 restore it?
    if u do have 2 restore it, will u lose all ur apps, music, etc.?

  73. you have to restore it but sync your itouch first then do the jailbreak, then restore

  74. I did everything that it said to do.I have a itouch 1G on 3.1.2.It said the jailbreaking was completed but it was stuck on the wallpaper with the loading circle on it.It shut off and now it wont boot all the way.It keeps getting stuck on the apple logo.I've restarted it many times.It wont connect to itunes either.help :O

  75. The Problem is that the 1G itouch dosen't work with Blackra1n or redsnow. I tried jailbreaking the 1G 3.1.2 with yellowsnow and other sofeware's and the itouch is jailbroken but It wont restart.

    P.S try resoring, but sync first.

  76. my ipod touch 3g 3.1.2 is jailbroken with blackrain but i want 3.1.3 and i want to unjailbreak it if i upgrade will it unjailbreak it?

  77. yes, if you upgrade then it will unjailbreak because it must restore. But if you want the apps from Cydia from before remember to instal app back up in cydia and then after you restore and upgrade try to find a 3.1.3 jailbreaking software, jailbreak it then AppBackup.

  78. if you get the right software and restore you ipod, 10% chance, it might mess up. But when you jailbreak always sync then jailbreak/restore.

  79. Hi everyone, quick question. I have an ipod touch first gen on firmware 3.0, is it possible to update to 3.1.3 and jailbreak it without having to restore my ipod and lose everything on my ipod ?

    thanks :D

  80. I jailbroke my 3.1.3 touch with Spirit. I thought jailbreaking the ipod gave you the apps for free? Whats going on? Am I missing something here?

    1. when i tried to jailbreak my ipod touch it started rebooting and then just turned off. then when tried to turn it on the apple appears and then it just stays like that for a loooooooooooooong time until the battery is dead. help meeeeee!

      1. Bro when u turn it on hold the power and home buttons at the same time until the connect to iTunes screen comes up. Hope it helped

  81. there is a download link right under step #4. On this page. It's actually up a couple of lines or so. It says “Download Spirit Jailbreak Tool (Windows/Mac)”. Using your mouse, you want to 'click' on this link. Good luck.

  82. Why when i run the program spirt, it says i have to connect to my device when my usb cord is connected to my iPod touch, 3.1.2 8gb?

  83. I just jailbreak my ipod touch and put few game to it but i can't log in to itune any more please help thanks in advance

  84. hey the jailbreak worked perfectly and it was super easy but when i open cydia it opens and says “unable to load (operarion could not be completed. invalid argument)” what do i do?

  85. what do u mean dwnload installs? how would i know its been jailbroken already?>

  86. hey…i hav ipod touch 3.1.3 i jailbreaked it with spirit …..and when i tried to install an app downloaded from apptrakr……it shows an t error code c0000005….what to do…????

  87. i just did and it rebooted and all my icons were gone except for a couple???? help please

  88. AMAZING!!! after 2 hours of trying blackra1n 5 seconds wit this and it worked! thank you so damn much, you are a hero

  89. nice…i used Spirit and now the ipod needs restore, it reboots and still needs restore

    thanks a lot -.-

  90. heyy i just did this but it still the same and i followed every step this sucks.

  91. I’m upset I’m on my iPod touch trying to jail break it and I just keep getting more websites all I want is a download link and were I click and my iPod touch is jail broke but no it’s so difficult I need help

    1. me too.. but in my case, the jailbreak was successful, but when i access the cydia all that i see are just packages and sources.. where will get to see apps?

    1. you dont have to DL 3.1.2, mine is 3.1.3 i just downloaded the Spirit then connect the ipod to the pc then run spirit.exe.

  92. spirit can’t jailbreak ipod touch Totaly. my ipod touch still showing [jailed] by “ifunbox”.

  93. I really need some help. I downloaded it all but it says in a pop up box after i click spirit “Spirit Requires itunes 9 to function. Please install a correct version of itunes then run spirit again” But i have itunes 9 already!

    1. hold the home button and power button for a few seconds and your ipod should turn off and then if it wont turn on after that u should take it to the apple store

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