Get Vista Like Aero Glass Effects in Windows 10

Microsoft has included some beautiful transparency effects in Windows 10 but they still leave something to be desired for users who had fallen in love with Aero Glass effect, introduced with Windows Vista and continued in Windows 7. With Windows 8, Microsoft went completely towards a flat user interface. Luckily, a new tweak is out for Windows 10 which brings back the frosty glass effects of Vista and 7 to enable Aero Glass in Windows 10.

Enabling Aero Glass in Windows 10

A user on Reddit has posted a tweak which copies some DWM related files from previous Windows versions to Windows 10. Once installed, it provides a setup file which lets users customize the effect and tweak it to their liking. Note that this is not like other available ‘glass’ tweaks which just make the title bars and browser opaque through out the operating system. It also brings the same gaussian blur/frosted glass effect (which needs to be setup by selecting the provided images in the folder).

Enable Vista Like Aero Glass in Windows 10

The tweak is simple to install. Just download the files from the below link and extract them exactly to this location on your computer: C:\AeroGlass10240 (else it wont work). Once done, run either installx64.bat or installx86.bat (by using the ‘run as administrator’ option), depending on whether your Windows installation is 64 bit or 32 bit. Once installed, you should see the effect right away. Open AeroGlassGUI.exe in the same folder to customize it and setup the files for the best possible effects and enjoy the now-retro-Aero-glass effects on Windows 10.

Enable Vista Like Aero Glass in Windows 10 1

Here is the tweak running on my 32 bit installation of Windows 10:

Enable Vista Like Aero Glass in Windows 10

The effect isn’t perfect and there might be some bugs here and there but apart from that, it gets rid of the plain white title bars from desktop apps and makes Windows 10 look even better. Google Chrome also regains its tabs-on-glass effect from older times.

In case you want to uninstall the tweak, just run delete delete.bat as an admin.

Download Aero Glass tweak for Windows 10

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