Even more new iPhone HD/4G pictures leak!

iphone-4G-3Apple has completely lost it – along with countless iPhone 4G prototypes. The company that was known for its tight secrecy should be feeling outraged and embarrassed over the leaked prototypes of one of its flagship products, finding their way on the Internet.


Just a day ago, images and video of an iPhone 4G prototype were found on a Vietnamese forum, who reportedly obtained the prototype  by buying it, hence pulled a Gizmodo. Today, a French website called BeGeek has obtained an iPhone 4G prototype and posted some pictures of it. First in the U.S., then Vietnam and now France – these prototypes are spread all over the world!iphone-4G-2

Steve Jobs and Apple really need to do something about these leaks. It will be interesting to see the unveiling of the next generation iPhone and compare how much it matches these prototypes roaming freely in the wild.

[CrunchGear via Redmond Pie]

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