Everything new in iOS 17 Beta 6: features, improvements, and release

Apple has seeded iOS 17 Beta 6 to developers and beta testers. The latest beta update is released a week after iOS 17 Beta 5 which shows that the tech giant is following a weekly release schedule as we are close to iOS 17’s official release in September.

Apple also released iPadOS 17 Beta 6, watchOS 10 Beta 6, tvOS Beta 6, HomePodOS 17 Beta 6, and watchOS 9.6.1. As the tech company did not release macOS 14 Beta 6, we can expect it any day this week or next week. 

Here are the new features, and improvements found in the latest iOS 17 beta 5 which you can expect to see in the final iOS 17 version.

iOS 17 beta 6

New UI changes and performance improvements in iOS 17 Beta 6

The tech specs of the latest iOS 17 Beta 6 update are as follows:

  • Size: 744.8 MB on iPhone 14 Pro
  • Build number: iOS 17.0 (21A5312c)
  • Modem Firmware: 2.08.01. The same as iOS 17 Beta 5. 

iOS 17 beta 6

The “c” in the update’s build number indicates that it is very close to the final version. Maybe, that is why the latest beta update mainly features interface changes and performance improvements. Here is the change log of the new iOS 17 Beta 6:

  • Phone app
    • Repositioned the End call button in the middle of the UI at the bottom like before. In iOS 17 Beta 5, the End call button was moved to the right corner of the UI and users expressed strong dislike for the change on social media. 
    • Voicemail tab adds a new ‘Carrier Voicemail’ option. 
  • Settings app
    • Display & Brightness settings updated the Light and Dark appearance icons with iOS 17 wallpaper and font from iOS 15 wallpapers. The same change is also applied in Display Zoom in the Display & Brightness setting.
    • Messages settings introduced toggles in the iMessage to turn or off apps. Previously, you only had the option to delete apps.
    • Screen Time setting has changed verbiage for Screen Distance. 
    • Bluetooth settings show a “key” icon when your car key is connected to your iPhone.
  • New Diagnostic image for Apple Watch.
  • Apple Cash is showing in the Wallet app in some European countries but is not functional. Currently, the service is only available in the United States.
  • Messages app features the following changes in iMessage:
    • Pressing and holding the “+” button opens photos. 
    • The “+” menu add “Apple Cash”, GIPHY app if installed, 
  • Shortcuts app improves toggles to enable and disable cellular plans.
  • Camera app resolves heating issue when video recording in Cinematic mode. 
  • Apple Music artwork animations on Lock Screen are smoother than before.
  • Improved AirDrop.
  • New splash screens for “What’s New” in the Photos, Free Form, and Health apps.  
  • Spotlight search keyboard
  • Stability and overall performance are better than Beta 5 with smoother and fewer crashes and random glitches.

Expected release schedule of upcoming iOS 17 developer and public betas

If Apple follows a weekly release schedule ahead of iOS 17 official release in September, the next iOS 17 Developer Beta 7 is expected to release on August 21 or 22 (Tuesday or Wednesday) which might include “b” in its build number.

The iOS 17 Public Beta 5 could be released the day after iOS 17 Developer Beta 7 release.

It is likely Apple might skip iOS 17 Beta 8 and release iOS 17 RC a week before its official release of iOS 17 in September.

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