How to use Face Swap filter with your Smartphone Photos in Snapchat

Snapchat have upgraded their app with two new updates. The first one is the ability to use your smartphone photos for ‘face swap’, while the second update removes the $0.99 fee for replays.

The new filter is a little different from Snapchat’s popular ‘face swap’ filter which allows users to swap faces with another person or any near by photo of a face. In the new filter, users can chose any face from the photos on their smartphone. Snapchat just doesn’t pick any picture from the camera roll, it goes through your photos and only selects those images which have defined eyes, nose and mouth.

Here is how you can enjoy the new filter and create entertaining images:

  • Update to the latest Snapchat app
  • When in the selfie mode, tap and hold on your face for Snapchat to detect your face and display rows of lens filters at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the filter with the purple icon for thumbnails of faces to be displayed. These will be fetched from the photos on your phone.
  • Face swap your live image by tapping on the thumbnails.
  • Take a photo by pressing on the purple icon

How to use Face Swap filter with your Smartphone Photos in Snapchat

Last Fall, Snapchat offered three extra replays of snaps for $0.99, but now users can replay their snaps once, for free. It seems that ‘paid replays’ option didn’t generate the revenues which the company had hope for hence it has become history.

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