Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now says iOS 14 ATT privacy feature might be beneficial e-commerce

The strongest voice against Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 ATT privacy update, Facebook has now changed its stance to support the new App Store rules. In a Clubhouse meeting, social media’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has expressed support for the new App Tracking Transparency feature, saying that it might be beneficial for e-commerce.

Zuckerberg’s statement is a surprise after his company’s very strong opposition to the upcoming App Tracking Transparency (ATT) update. To gain public support, Facebook launched an ad campaign against Apple accusing the iPhone maker of hurting small businesses by reducing their income from targetted ads. The social media tech giant said it is finalizing an antitrust complaint against Apple for changing the tracking system on mobile.

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Facebook believes the new iOS 14.5 ATT feature will benefit online businesses

In the Clubhouse meeting, Zuckerberg said that the new tracking changes might encourage businesses to sell their products on Facebook and Instagram only by making users’ data exclusive to the platforms.

“It’s possible that we may even be in a stronger position if Apple’s changes encourage more businesses to conduct more commerce on our platforms by making it harder for them to use their data in order to find the customers that would want to use their products outside of our platforms.”


Recently, Facebook was testing a new ad campaign that enlisted the benefits of targeted ads to convince users to opt-in tracking across third-party apps and websites. The reasons for the social media giant to vehemently pursue iPhone users’ tracking system are all centered around huge sums of money earned through creating users’ profiles to run targetted ads. Former Facebook employees explained that,

Most critically at stake for Facebook is what’s known as view-through conversions. This metric is used by ad-tech companies to measure how many users saw an ad, did not immediately click on it, but later made a purchase related to that ad.

Think of view-through conversions like this: You’re tapping through your Instagram stories and you see an ad for a pair of jeans. You don’t tap the bottom of the ad for more information because you’re busy checking out what your friends are up to, but the jeans were cute. A few days later, you go on Google, search for the jeans you saw on Instagram and buy them.

After the purchase is made, the retailer records the IDFA of the user who bought the jeans and shares it with Facebook, which can determine whether the IDFA matches with a user who saw an ad for the jeans. This shows the retailer that their Facebook ad worked.

The employees also shared that the upcoming ATT update is likely to affect Facebook more than small businesses, claiming that small businesses will not even notice the changes. Maybe, the unwavering public support for better privacy made Facebook accept the new Apple App Store changes and maybe, that is why Zuckerberg is changing his narrative as well.

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