Facebook redesigns the like, share and save buttons and launches Chrome extensions

If you’ve been wondering how you could engage in a slightly better way with your Facebook audience, well, here’s news for you. Facebook has just made sharing and saving a lot easier for developers and users. Launched today are three updates, specifically two Chrome extensions and a full update of all Social Plugin buttons.

New Like, Share Follow and Save buttons

The current design on the Facebook Like button is an “F” with a blurb noting the number of likes the page has. The new design incorporates both of these bits of into a nifty singular blue button with the ever-popular thumbs up logo as well as the number of Likes the page has.

Facebook redesigns the like, share and save buttons and launches Chrome extensions

As is the case with Facebook’s updates, the social plugins will also be mobile-friendly, in multiple sizes and you will see updates for not just the Like button but the Share, Follow, and Save To Facebook buttons. All of these new designs are backward compatible so you do not have to worry about older versions or sites in languages other than English.

Like button in Instant Articles

The buttons will now be available for use in Instant Articles. Instant Article authors can now have the Like, Share and Follow buttons featured on the bottom of their articles. Usage reports from these buttons will also be tracked and counted to help developers make the most of the updated features.

To use these features, developers should visit Facebook’s Development Documentation page for more info. For those who already have the buttons embedded onto their sites, these updates will automatically apply to them.

Facebook’s Share and Save Chrome extensions

The two new Chrome extensions are called Share to Facebook and Save to Facebook. The Share feature allows Facebook users to share any article, picture or other items on the web to their pages. Likewise, the Save function also allows users to save content for later reading/viewing. Users will be reminded to visit their saved content on Facebook.

You can install the Save to Facebook and Share to Facebook Chrome extensions from Chrome Website.

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