FaceTime Calls Can Now Be AirPlay Mirrored

In iOS 5 Beta 3, a new feature has been uncovered that allows FaceTime calls to be wirelessly mirrored over AirPlay.

Several features have been uncovered in the third pre-release of iOS 5 when it shipped this week, including an ‘AssistiveTouch’ panel that allows users to take simple actions without using any physical buttons.

FaceTime AirPlay Mirroring

It appears as AirPlay mirroring for FaceTime calls will only be available for iPad users, as it’s currently only usable by them. However, it could also mean that Apple is working on a version for iPhone and iPod touch.

FaceTime was already considered a great option for far-away families and businesses, but with AirPlay mirroring you can see your loved ones in more detail and bigger than ever. But, you will of course need to have your iPad in front of you, so that the other person can also see you. (Via TiPB)

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