Persona Email Client Revolutionizes Email

A new email client Persona has been announced for Mac.

The email client is still in prototype mode at this time, it is very promising and will revolutionize the way people email today. Persona will make your email conversations look like a social network, there are no email addresses, no formatting and no extra features in the client.


Instead, users select people’s icons to choose as the recipient. Furthermore, the whole email is sent in plain text without any unnecessary formatting. All of the user’s contacts are synchronized by Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. The user simply needs to grant Persona permission to their contacts.

The application consists of three modes of view namely, conversation view, people view and attachment view. The conversation view allows the user to focus on their ongoing discussions, this view also also organizes their sent/received messages and their attachments. The people view, on the other hand, will group messages by sender. Finally, the attachment view allows users to view all of the attachments they have received via email.

In conclusion, we think Persona will be a revolutionary email client once it is released. It will once again drive us to those days when email was simple, clean and elegant, but in a more modern way. The developer has not yet released any information on pricing or availability. (via Cult Of Mac)

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