The fatal Apple Store car crash was an “unfortunate” accident, claims driver

The driver of the fatal car crash into the Apple Derby Street store in Hingham, Massachusetts claims that it was an unfortunate accident caused by his foot getting stuck on gas. Previously, it was reported that the crash was deliberate.

53-year-old Bradley Rein drove his Toyota 4Runner through the front glass of the Apple Store on Monday morning, November 21. The fatal crash killed 65-year Kevin Bradley at the scene and severely injured 20 as the vehicle careened across the store and stopped when it smashed into the back wall.

Apple Store car crash

Survivors of Apple Store car crash suffered “life and limb-threatening” injuries

According to Masslive, seventeen out of the twenty survivors of the tragic car crash have suffered “life and limb-threatening” injuries ranging from head trauma to mangled limbs and are being treated at South Shore Hospital. However, the driver remained uninjured.

Rein told the investigators that his right foot became stuck on the accelerator as the drove through the lot and was unable to brake the vehicle. He said that he had no medical issues and the vehicle has no mechanical issues that he knew of. Rein’s breathalyzer test also came negative.

Apple Store car crash

The Hingham District Court on Tuesday granted Rein cash bail at $100,000 cash bail, he had requested the bail be set at $20,000. He was ordered to not drive and leave the state without consulting the court.

So far the police do not believe the car crash was an act of aggression because Rein did not have a connection to anyone at the Apple Store and the investigation is ongoing. The report states:

Witnesses to the crash described a tragic scene as first responders treated the injured at the store.

“I was standing right where the car came through,” a man who had exited the store a short while before the crash told Boston television network WHDH. “There were people laying in there. It didn’t look good. People were in panic … It’s just a tragedy.”

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