‘Final Fantasy VI’ rolls out as a 2D Pixel Remaster with new graphics and audio

A few years ago, Square Enix started re-releasing older Final Fantasy games on PC, however, their quality was lackluster as they were originally built for mobile platforms. After some time, the company realized that fans of the early series were seeking pixels, not smears. Hence, Square Enix started releasing Pixel Remaster versions of the game. 

Square Enix completed the remastered series with the launch of ‘Final Fantasy VI’ Pixel Remaster. The Pixel Remaster series contains UI improvements, a rearranged soundtrack, completely new graphics and audio, auto-battle options, and updated pixel art. 

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

Square Enix completes the Pixel Remaster series with the launch of Final Fantasy VI

Square Enix released a promo trailer for Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster showcasing the opera scene with vocals and new arrangements that players can expect in the latest release. You can buy the Pixel Remaster of the latest game in the series on the App Store for iOS for $17.99 here, and on Google Play for Android here for approximately $16. The availability of the game also depends on your region. 

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster features detailed maps, players can toggle them off or on in locations, and also make them bigger in the overworld. As for the gameplay, players form a party of up to four characters, they can equip them with Relics; which offer special perks like protecting a near-dead ally or bestowing haste upon the user. The fights are turn-based. You go from town to town and dungeon to dungeon around the world in the name of fighting the Gestahlian Empire and Kefka. 

Additionally, the sprites for characters and enemies look great and the backgrounds also look very aesthetically pleasing. Players can also check the concept art and music from the main menu. Other than that, the quick save and autosave features make a glorious return, as they come in handy when a player forgets to move a party member they must protect to the back row for one fight. 

Have you tried out the Pixel Remaster series of Final Fantasy? What changes have you noticed or would like to see in the game? Let us know your reviews and thoughts in the comments below!

You can check out the promo trailer here.

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