Remastered “Joe Danger Action Pack” games are now available on iOS for a very special reason

Developer, Hello Games has reintroduced the simple and fun stuntman game “Joe Danger” on iOS. Available as a two apps bundle pack, “Joe Danger: Infinity” and “Joe Danger: Touch”, the games offer iPhone and iPad users exciting situations to leap, jump and ride out of and become the master of disaster.

Inspired by a fan mail, both games have received major performance improvements like support for iOS 15, ProMotion display, new optimized shaders, and a graphical overhaul with enhanced image quality, higher resolution graphics, textures with antialiasing, Metal support, and more for 2022.  

Joe Danger - iOSA fan mail brought Joe Danger back to iOS, especially for an autistic boy to get through stressful situations 

A heart-touching fan mail brought these dormant games. In his Twitter blog post, developer Sean Murray shared that the reason which inspired him to bring the game back to life after eight long years is a father looking for help for his autistic son, Jack. In his email, the father explained that Joe Danger on iPhone helps his son to get through stressful situations.

But since the latest iOS updates, the game became incompatible on his smartphone and Jack wanted the same game. At his son’s request, the father reached out to the developer and it worked. Now, a million users with Joe Danger will get a free update, along with Jack. 

Joe Danger Touch offers more than twenty-five playable characters, daily challenges, a chance to win Pro Medal at level, and more. Joe Danger Infinity features twenty-four playable characters, and the ability to exchange Joe’s bike with a variety of new vehicles to defeat the invading alien with a helicopter and much more. 

Race, ride and defy death across hundreds of levels in JOE DANGER TOUCH and JOE DANGER INFINITY!

Jump buses, battle attack helicopters, leap tanks full of sharks and reclaim your title of Master of Disaster! Swipe Joe to pop a wheelie and boost, hold to crouch, tap to jump!

Joe Danger - iOS

Download the Joe Danger action bundle pack from the App Store for $4. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 13.0 or later. Read the inspirational complete thread below.

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