Find My app tracked lost AirPods Pro from a thieving hotel employee

A woman used the Find My app to track the thief who stole her AirPods Pro from her hotel room and helped the police in catching him.

Compatible across Apple devices, the Find My app allows users to easily locate their devices by viewing their current location on the app’s map, tracking Find My network accessories, sharing their location with family and friends, enabling lost mode, and more.

In October last year, Apple released Find My app support for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max with all the new tracking features like View Location, Find Nearby, Play a Sound, Lost Mode (Mark as Lost), Notify When Found and Notify When Left Behind.

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Victim shared the location of the thief with the Montreal police to recover stolen AirPods Pro

According to CTV News, Sahar Mohammadzadeh’s Louis Vuitton handbag and cash went missing from her room at the Impéria Hôtel & Suites in Boucherville, Montreal’s South Shore who was visiting from Ontario during the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend.

After getting no help from the “incredibly unhelpful” hotel’s management which did not take responsibility for the theft, she filed a police complaint. Luckily, Mohammadzadeh also found out that her AirPods Pro was missing too and she immediately tracked the headphones on the Find My app on her iPhone.

She said she felt “completely vindicated” when she saw that the AirPods were still active at the same hotel she stayed at on Montarville Boulevard because she had suspected a worker had taken them. Then she noticed over the next few days, the device kept showing up at the same two locations on her screen: the hotel and at someone’s home.

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Following up on the information provided by Mohammadzadeh, the Longueuil police officer in charge of the case got a court order for the hotel to provide the list of employees within 30 days. And in November, the officer got a judge to authorize a search warrant on the location that kept on showing on the victim’s Find My app.

The police recovered her stolen AirPods Pro from the hotel’s employee but could not locate her luxury handbag and cash.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God. Okay, well, I guess that worked,'” she said. “So I filled out a bit of a form and then [the officer] said, ‘I’m going to send this back to you, so you have it before Christmas.”

Mohammadzadeh said that she went public with her story to hold the hotel accountable for “completely” taking itself out of the situation.

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