Firefox 4 beta 5 lands with Hardware Accelerated Graphics and New Audio API

Mozilla has released Firefox 4 beta 5 for download. Mozilla has selected 08/31 dated build candidate as beta 5. The latest beta of Firefox has hardware acceleration using Windows 7’s Direct2D APIs, multimedia and security features. It also has a new Audio API for visualizing audio that exposes raw data within the multimedia file of HTML 5. Developers can also change the user experience by using the new APIs.

FireFox beta 4

Firefox 4 beta 5 also has a new “Firefox Menu” button which replaces the previous menu bar. This new menu button places the most frequently used controls in one menu and it gives more vertical space to the web content area by removing the pixels which were previously taken up by the menu bar. It also supports the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) protocol which gives additional security, enabling sites to automatically direct the browser to an encrypted connection.

Some of the main new features in beta 5 are :

  • Firefox 4 Beta 5 is available in 39 languages.
  • Support for the new proposed Audio Data API
  • Direct2D Hardware Acceleration is now on by default for Windows 7 users
  • Firefox button has a new look for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users
  • Support for HSTS security protocol allowing sites to insist that they only be loaded over SSL.

Firefox 4 is scheduled to release October. You can download latest beta from here.

via Neowin

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