How to Jailbreak your PlayStation 3 using an Android Phone [Guide]

There are many reasons to buy an Android smartphone. Here’s another one: now you can even jailbreak your PlayStation 3 with your Android phone as the guys from XDA-Developers have managed to create a procedure. It is confirmed that this method works with Nexus One and HTC Desire. So far this jailbreak is working on these two phones but we think it might work on other phones too soon.


Remember your phone must be rooted to do this. You have to follow these steps to Jailbreak your PS3:

[Try this at your own risk. We aren’t responsible if your PS3 or Android Phone stop working, Sony sues you or the universe implodes by following this guide. But seriously, if anything goes wrong, blame yourself. ]

  1. Download the package from here and extract it.
  2. Extract N1-CM6-PSFreedom.tar.gz and copy the contents to your SD card.
  3. Now Copy and to your SD card.
  4. Now you have to reboot into the recovery console.
  5. After that Install/flash
  6. Reboot your phone.
  7. After rebooting you phone use ConnectBot or any terminal app and type:
    • cd /mnt/sdcard
    • su
    • insmod psfreedom.ko
  8. Kill the power to your PS3, switch on the back (PS3 Fat) or unplug from the wall (PS3 Slim), and connect your phone via USB.
  9. Re-enable power and press the PS3 power button followed by the eject button in quick succession.
  10.   Your PS3 is now hacked! You’ll see “Install Package Files” under GAME on the XMB.

After completing process, to turn your phone back into normal mode, you just have to boot back to recovery and flash This jailbreak is not flawless and its bugs are that it will disable wi-fi until the original boot.img is flashed back and it will also disable USB mass storage.

[via ps3-hacks]

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