Fix uTorrent issue for Windows 7

utorrent on Windows 7It seems that certain Windows 7 users are experiencing problems when running uTorrent. Reports suggest that uTorrent is exceeding memory limits (sometimes reaching the 100% mark), download stops at 99.9%, false reports are produced and so on. In short, uTorrent performance is not up to the mark when running uTorrent with Windows 7. Well AddictiveTips has come up with a potential fix for this problem. We have listed the steps that will solve the problem

How to Fix the Windows 7 uTorrent problem

Following are the steps that will help you in optimizing the uTorrent performance for Windows 7:

  1. Right click uTorrent icon, click on the Properties to open the Property SheetµTorrent Properties
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility Tab
  3. In the Compatibility mode panel, select Windows Vista
  4. In the Privilege level, Check the “Run this program as an administrator” option
  5. Open the uTorrent app, Go to Options Tab and click on the Preference option.
  6. Now access the Disk Cache  option located under the Advanced branchPreferences (2)
  7. Check “Disable Windows caching of disk writes”
  8. Check “Disable Windows caching of disk reads”
  9. Click Apply button

Also please make sure that uTorrent is added to Firewall Exception


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  2. I have done this and it fixed the 100% disk overload but i still can’t shut it off after closing it…

  3. thank you so much. This was really effective, helpful. I’s been a long time since I’ve tried and it didn’t work then…

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