Fixing issues with iPod Touch and iPhone 3G/3GS OS 3.1.2 jailbreak with blackra1n RC3

imageblackra1n RC3 will be released today to the public by George Hotz, the wonder kid who excels in jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone and iPod Touch. We’ve published a guide here to get the jailbreak up and running on your iPhone 3G and 3GS. A lot of people run into common issues while jailbreaking their iPhones so here’s a troubleshooting guide that should help you diagnose most problems. Don’t hesitate to use the comments section if you need more help!


  • Make sure you’ve updated to 3.1.2. This jailbreak is not for older OS versions.
  • Download the blackra1n tool to your desktop. Some users have reported issues of the application crashing or having issues with rights on Vista or 7. This should fix those issues. For more convenience. run it as an administrator.
  • Make sure no other software is running when you jailbreak to avoid interference.
  • If your device doesn’t boot for a long time, hold down the power and home buttons and restart it. If it tells you to connect to iTunes, something must have gone wrong and you might have to restart the process. I know this is annoying, but it has worked for some people after some tries. It does work.
  • You won’t lose your data by jailbreaking. Only a fresh firmware restore could mean that your apps might go away, but they can be synced back using iTunes.
  • If you have a white screen turn off the device by holding the power and home buttons for 10 seconds and boot it again.
  • If iTunes keeps popping up, use CTRL + ALT + DELETE to go to the task manager and kill all iTunes processes which includes iTunesHelper.exe. This can cause interference with the process too.
  • Strangely, doing the process on different computers has also worked for some people.
  • If you’re unable to use wifi on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This should fix it.

We hope this guide helps. Leave any questions in the comments below. Check out our other useful guides below:

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