How to reboot 3rd Gen jailbroken iPod Touch without having to restore

ipod-touch-iphone-jailbreak_firmware_30The only jailbreak for iPhone firmware 3.1.2 available is blackra1n and it still has some issues. The most common issue is the tethered jailbreak. There are certain applications on Cydia that require a reboot. Tethered jailbroken iPod touches will be prompted to be restored after a reboot, which means that you’ll have to restore and jailbreak your iPod Touch again. I found a very useful video on YouTube by kill4thefame that lets you bypass the restore prompt and keep your device jailbroken.



Here’s how:

1. After you’ve installed an app from Cydia that requires a reboot, tap Reboot.

2. This will restart your iPod Touch and the screen that prompts you to connect your iPod Touch to iTunes appears.

3. Connect your iPod Touch and ignore the restore prompt from iTunes.

4. Instead, run blackra1n again. This will let you keep your jailbreak and all your already installed apps.

Here’s the video:



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