Flickr App for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon

This is a pleasant surprise for us Windows Phone 7 users. Flickr has announced an upcoming app for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 that easily puts the iPhone version and the non-existent iPad version to shame. It makes great use of panoramic UI, home screen tiles and the interactive UX of Windows Phone 7 which just can’t be matched by any other platform out there at the moment. We just hope the performance is on par with the native apps in Windows Phone 7.


  • Browse your Flickr photos in stunning high resolution display and touch navigation controls
  • Share photos with friends and family via email, Twitter, Facebook and more
  • Upload your latest images on the go with the in-app uploader
  • Seamlessly transition from your Windows Phone 7 to Windows 7 tablet and back again, without ever losing your place

While we’re not sure which Windows 7 Tablet this app is targeted towards but a few of them including convertible tablets have been announced at CES this year. With such an immersive and beautiful UI, I might try this on my trusty old HP TX2 tablet too!

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