Follow MIX10 live via video streaming and live blogging

Microsoft’s annual MIX event starts today. Whether you follow Microsoft like me, or hate them, you know you’ll be anxious for MIX10 because Microsoft will be unveiling details on Windows Phone 7 Series possibly along with an SDK, Internet Explorer 9 (some surprises expected), Windows Live Wave 4, Silverlight 4 and other products.

MIX10 will kick off with keynotes from Bill Buxton, Scott Guthrie, Dean Hachamovitch and Joe Belfiore. As it is usual with Microsoft events, unlike Apple’s, there will be a live video stream of the event at You’ll probably need Silverlight to see the live event stream. The event will start at 9 AM P.D.T. ( G.M.T. -9 hours). image

For those who are allergic to live video streams ( really? why? ) or love reading, you can follow Long Zheng’s group blog with Mary Jo Foley, Ed Bott, Kip Kniskern, Paul Thurrott and Benjamin Rubenstein here. If you ask me, I’d suggest utilizing Aero Snap and following both the video stream and live blog together.

And of course, ithinkdiff will be covering all the important news, so stay tuned. This year’s MIX is going to be awesome!

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