Internet Explorer 9 changes and improvements to be unveiled at MIX10 – expect a ‘couple of surprises’

image The MIX10 website has an update that Dean Hachamovitch, the General Manager of the Internet Explorer team will be one of the keynoters at MIX10 next month. Dean will be talking about the changes and improvements made to Internet Explorer 9 since it was unveiled for the first time last year at PDC09. While we didn’t even get a glimpse of the new UI it may have, we do know it will have the following new features:

  • CSS 3 support
  • Rounded corners
  • Faster JS performance
  • GPU accelerated rendering ( Direct2D and DirectWrite support )

If you’re an Acid3 test junkie, Internet Explorer 9 might not have pleased you at PDC09 with an abysmal score of 32/100, but lets just hope that has also changed over time. My personal wish list includes faster ‘new tabs’ in Internet Explorer. I hope you’ve been listening Microsoft?

With releases and announcements like Bing, Windows 7, Windows Azure, Project Natal and Windows Phone 7 Series, I’m actually very optimistic for Internet Explorer 9. We might even get a beta to play around with during the conference. Fingers crossed!

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