Fone Aquired by IM+ Developer, Video App Coming Soon?

The developer behind the iOS Instant Messaging App, IM+, has aquired CrispApp, the Hong Kong Developers of the ‘fone‘ app. The ‘fone’ app is currently one of the top rated VoIP apps in the App Store, which allows Facebook users to chat using text and video between themselves.


With this new aquisition, the developer of IM+, SHAPE Services is promising a iOS app named IM+ Video in the next ten days. Quite the gamble in my opinion, considering it may take quite a bit of time for Apple to approve such an application. The new app will still use the VoIP protocol as it’s source of video, but users will be able to chat with users on mobile devices as well as PC’s. This new service will be provided free of charge, and current users of fone will be able to use the service, as both apps will still exist alongside the new IM+ Video app. We still do not know how much the app will cost, but at least the service will be free.

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