[HOW TO] Install Mango Beta for Windows Phone 7 now!

If you own a Windows Phone, or are just a fanboy of it, then you are most likely aware of the new Mango update that has been seeded to select developers recently as a part of the beta program. Well, a hack has been discovered to trick Microsoft into thinking you have a developer phone and getting the update pushed directly to your device. Let’s go through it!

[HOW TO] Install Mango Beta for Windows Phone 7 now!



  1. Windows Phone running NoDo
  2. Windows Phone Support Tools (32 bit download, 64 bit download)
  3. The update tool – Download
  4. Beta versino of Zune for Mango – Download

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Stop any Zune processes that are running and extract the Update Tool. Run the Update.bat file, and be sure to run it as administrator.

[HOW TO] Install Mango Beta for Windows Phone 7 now!

Step 2: Zune should launch when the process is complete. Check for updates and you should now see “Windows Phone 7 build 7401”. Install the update and check again. Now, look for the update named “Windows Phone 7 Mango build 7661′ and install this update as well. This is obviously Mango.

Step 3: Once the install is complete, Zune will not be able to locate your device. Download the beta version of Zune, which was linked above, made specifically for Mango and install the new version.

That’s it! You’re done!

If Mango is not your thing, or you decide you don’t want a beta version of Windows Phone 7 installed on your device, you can go back to NoDo. Just run the restore.bat file as an administrator and follow the on-screen instructions. Also, be sure to downgrade your version of Zune before doing the restore.

Now go enjoy your new beta version of Mango, and remember that it is a beta, so things may still not be 100%.

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