Gears Of War 3 Xbox 360 Torrent Leaked, Microsoft Responds!

Last weekend, a leaked copy of Gears Of War 3 somehow found its way to a number of torrent sites over the internet. The game contains the full campaign for single player as well as multiplayer modes. Though it only works on modded Xbox 360 consoles and has a bunch of bugs and graphical glitches since its a test build copy. It didn’t take long after this for Microsoft to respond with an official statement regarding the leaked GOW 3 copy.


Microsoft representative says:

“It as a test build. We have seen the reports of Gears of War 3 content being propped on the Web and working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation. This content is not from a final build and is not representative of what fans will enjoy when the game launches worldwide on September 20, 2011.”

By now, pre-orders of Gears Of War 2 have surpassed 1 million as game is set for release in 3 different editions on September 20th this year. All pre-orders will also get an exclusive figurine with Gears Of War 3 Epic Edition. So, have you tried the “buggy torrent copy” of Gears of War 3 yet? Let us know your thoughts on the game!

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[via WinRumors]

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