Former Apple VP says EU’s push towards iPhone with USB-C port is the “right thing”

Former Apple VP Tony Fadell also known as “the father of the iPod” has come out in favor European Union’s push towards iPhone with a USB-C port. Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, Fadell said that it is the “right thing” to do for the consumers.

Tony Fadell- Apple

Earlier this month, the European Parliament voted in favor of a directive that will force mobile phone vendors like Apple to sell their portable electronic devices with a single standard USB-C port by the end of 2024. The new rule is part of the EU’s efforts to reduce electronic waste and provide product sustainability for environmental’s wellness.

Under the new rule, the tech giant will have to replace the Lightning port with a USB-C connector in the 2024 iPhone series. Rumor mills claim the change might start with iPhone 15 next year.

Apple is being made to do the right thing for the consumers and the environment by the EU

Although Apple has switched to USB-C ports in the latest iPad and Mac models, the tech giant has been reluctant to adopt the tech for its iPhone line. Speculators like Fadell believe that Apple’s decision to not adopt a more updated tech is driven by money.

When a follower said that the tech giant makes a lot of money with the MFi (Made of iPhone/iPad) program for certified accessories, Fadell agreed.

Tony Fadell- Apple

Therefore, Fadell said that it is about time Apple should converge on USB-C because the old Lighting tech has reached its limit. He added that the tech company has now become a monopoly and the EU forcing OEMs like Apple to switch to USB-C is simply forcing them to do the right thing for the consumers who do not have to carry several different chargers and the environment.

Very true. Apple doesn’t like anyone dictating what it should do – just like when they were shamed to add Screen Time. They are being forced for the right reasons, both environmentally & technically, to move faster do the right thing. Same with right to repair.

This is not the first time a former senior executive at the tech giant has called out its current policies and practices. Previously, the company co-founder Steve Wozniak came out in support of the ‘Right to Repair’ policy. He said that it was monopolistic to not sell products as open-source. With combined efforts of legislators and ‘Right to Repair’ advocates, the company launched its Self Service Repair program for users to DYI repair the screen, battery, and camera components of their iPhone and Mac.

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