New rumor claims iPhone 15 Ultra will have two front cameras and USB-C connectivity

It has not even been a full month since Apple announced the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models but the rumor mill is in full swing. A new report claims that next year’s iPhone 15 Ultra will feature two front cameras as well as USB-C connectivity.

iPhone 15 Ultra

Shaky information leaked about next year’s iPhone 15 Ultra

Just yesterday, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed that Apple might replace the iPhone Pro Max suffix in next year’s lineup, in favor of calling the model “Ultra.” The Ultra naming scheme comes from the brand new Apple Watch Ultra as much as the M1 Ultra.

It is unclear why Apple wants to change the suffix of the iPhone Pro Max since the Pro and Pro Max models offer the same experience in different sizes. Earlier this month, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed his prediction that  Apple will start “creating differentiation between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Pro,” which will allow it “to generate more sales/profits in a mature market.

As for the latest bit of information we have about the supposed iPhone 15 Ultra, leaker MajinBu in a recent tweet revealed that the model will have two front cameras and it will start from 256GB. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro will only have one front camera and will start from 128GB. Both models are set to offer USB-C connectivity.

According to what is reported by my source iPhone 15 Ultra will have 2 front cameras, USB-C and will start from 256GB. iPhone 15 Pro instead will always start from 128GB and will have USB-C but only 1 front camera

Unfortunately, the leaker has not provided the reasoning behind Apple wanting to add another front camera to its highest-end iPhone. Nevertheless, the report should be taken with a grain of salt. We will likely start getting rumors with more substance about next year’s flagship iPhone lineup in the coming months.

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