In 2023, iPhone 15 Pro models will feature “punch-hole” display with Face ID and camera under the screen

The Elec has learned that Samsung Display will provide new under the display panels for iPhone 15 Pro models expected to launch in 2023. The new panels will enable the iPhone maker to place the camera and Face ID components under the display to finally remove the notch.

Previously, it was reported that Apple will replace the notch with a punch-hole display in the upcoming iPhone 14 series expected to launch in September this year. But recent reports claim that the tech giant has considerably reduced the size of the notch and iPhone 14 Pro models will feature a pill-shaped notch and a hole for the selfie camera.

iPhone 15 Pro

After introducing the new under-display tech in its phones, Samsung will provide the tech to Apple for iPhone 15 Pro in 2023

Samsung is Apple’s major competitor but also its major supplier of OLED displays for iPhones. According to the report, Samsung will firstly introduce the new display technology in its own foldable smartphone models next year and will ship new panels to Apple in 2023 for iPhone 15 Pro models.

Samsung Display’s technology is expected to apply first to Samsung Electronics’ foldable phones launching next year, followed by application to the Pro lineup on the iPhone 15 series, sources said.

Although several Android smartphone models from Samsung, Oppo, and others feature a “punch-hole” display under the display camera screen, the technology has not yet been optimized to produce high-quality imaging. And it was said that Apple will introduce the technology when its functionality performs as per the company’s standards.

iPhone 15 pro

Therefore, Samsung is developing a new under-display panel with a metal patterning layer that uses cathode mask materials for Apple, different from its currently used laser drilling display tech featured in the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In OLED panels, the light emitted from the emission layer at the bottom goes through the cathode at the top __ this is called top emission. The cathode needs to be transparent for under panel camera technology to work. The cathode is patterned so that it can be transparent while being able to absorb light from the outside at the same time.

OTI Lumionics has its own technology that can use fine metal masks to deposit cathode patterning materials. An open metal mask is then used to deposit the cathode that avoids being deposited on the patterning material. Mg-Ag cathode material is deposited on the empty space where there is no cathode patterning materials.

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