Front and back glass of iPhone SE 3 is almost as tough as back-glass of iPhone 13 models

The latest iPhone SE 3 looks the same as the 2020 iPhone SE but Apple has made it more durable by featuring aerospace-grade aluminum and glass design with the toughest glass in the front and back of the smartphone.

Although the glass used in the front and back of the iPhone SE 3 is the same as the glass used on the back of the iPhone 13 models, the company was criticized for not featuring the Ceramic Shield protection on the front as the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. To test the durability of the new third-generation iPhone SE’s glass, AllState Protection Plan put the smartphone through a drop test and found that it really is as durable as iPhone 13’s back.

iPhone SE 3

iPhone SE 3 survived a 6-foot fall with minor scuffing like the iPhone 13

In a series of controlled durability and drop tests, AllState Protection Plan threw the iPhone SE 3’s from different heights to gauge the impact and the damage caused by it. Here are the results of the 6-feet drop test.

  • iPhone SE 3’s front glass suffered only minor scuffing similar to the front glass of iPhone 13, even without Ceramic Sheild protection.
  • iPhone SE 3’s back glass cracked and the aluminum frame suffered minor scuffing.

iPhone SE 3

The new 2022 iPhone SE was also put through a dunk test to check its IP67 water resistance rating. The test revealed that the smartphone survived in 1-meter water for 30 minutes without any problem. Some audio muffling was experienced when the smartphone was pulled out of the water but it was back to normal functionality after an hour.

The test concluded that the front glass of the new 2022 iPhone SE is tougher than iPhone 13’s front with Ceramic Sheild protection but its back is vulnerable to cracking because it does not have the flat-edge aluminum frame to absorb the impact of the fall as the iPhone 13 models.

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