Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds Pro will feature Spatial Audio, similar to AirPods Pro

Samsung is getting ready to release its latest Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds, which are most likely to debut in January along with the new Galaxy S21. The new headphones will have a feature that is quite similar to the Spatial Audio function available in AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

Spatial Audio packs an immersive, surround sound-like experience into AirPods. It accurately keeps the sound source attached to iPad or iPhone, so if a user turns their head, they will notice that the audio stays intact and does not get disrupted.

Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro to feature Spatial Audio similar to Apple’s AirPods

Even though the earbuds are not coming out for a few weeks, we know what to expect because Samsung unintentionally leaked details in the Galaxy Wearable app, and 9to5Google shared found information on the feature set.

The new earbuds look quite similar to the original Galaxy Buds and have many of the same features but there is a new ‘3D audio for videos’ mode that is similar to AirPod Pro’s Spatial Audio.

Galaxy Buds Pro - 3d audio for video

3D audio for videos feature describes a similar experience. A toggle for the feature states ‘Hear vivid, immersive sound coming from all directions so you feel like you are right in the scene when you watch videos. To get the best experience, keep your earbuds near your phone.’

Galaxy Buds Pro also consist of an equalizer with multiple presets, customizable touch controls, and a Find My Earbuds option. Along with noise cancellation, there is an Ambient Sound feature that lets external sounds in, similar to Transparency mode in AirPods Pro.

There will likely be an announcement for the Galaxy Buds Pro in January. While price has not been revealed, they are most likely to be priced similar to AirPods Pro. 9to5Google anticipates that the new earbuds could be priced around $200, which is $50 more than the Galaxy Buds+.

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