Samsung deletes posts that mocked Apple for not including charger in the box, hinting it might do the same

Samsung has been deleting its social media posts mocking Apple’s lack of accessories shipping with iPhone 12, indicating that Galaxy S21 could also not ship with additional accessories. Over the last few weeks, numerous rumors about Samsung deciding against shipping the upcoming Galaxy S21 series phones with chargers have been circulating around the internet.

Till now, the company has remained silent on the issue, and the only hint consumers had on the matter are the posts Samsung has put out mocking Apple for not including a charging adapter in the retail box of its iPhones. However, it seems that the company is planning on following in Apple’s footsteps yet again with the release of its Galaxy S21 series.


Samsung deletes posts that mocked Apple, hinting that Galaxy S21 may not ship with a charger

It has recently come to our attention that the tech giant has begun deleting Facebook posts in which it is mocking Apple for removing the additional accessories from its iPhone 12 box. One thing to note is that the company only started deleting its posts online after reports started to come in about the Galaxy S21’s retail box.

A now-deleted post from the company’s official Caribbean Facebook page took a swipe at Apple by claiming, “Our Galaxy does give you with everything you are looking for. From the basic charger to the best camera, battery performance and memory and even 120Hz screen on a smartphone.”

Here’s another social media post that Samsung had published on its Facebook page after Apple’s event:

Samsung Galaxy S21

Earlier this month, a Brazilian publisher reported that three new Galaxy models had been approved by Anatel, the National Telecommunication Agency of Brazil. The report suggested that all three models will ship without the “basic” charger and headphones.

“The names Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra have not yet been confirmed: Samsung may adopt the nomenclature S30, S30 + and S30 Ultra, or another variation. The documents at Anatel state, however, that none of the three devices will be sold with a charger in the box ; the headset will also not be included, following the steps of Apple with the iPhone.”

Although Samsung deleting its Facebook posts mocking Apple can be construed as a big hint for its plan regarding the Galaxy S21 series, we will know for sure what it ends up doing in January 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 series flagship will be unveiled on January 14, 2021. The selling point of the series are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and Samsung Exynos 2100 chips based on 5nm process. Other features of the flagship lineup will include an improved camera, faster charging, and a new design.

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