Epic Games sends new ‘Free Fortnite’ PR package with Samsung Galaxy S7 to influencers

Epic Games started the ‘Free Fortnite’ campaign right after Apple banned the Fortnite game from its App Store. Now the developer has sent new PR packages to influencers with a free Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet, a black bomber jacket, and a message attacking Apple and Google yet again.

Unfortunately for players, the Fortnite app was removed from the App Store and Google Play app stores after the developer pushed an unauthorized update on the app which bypassed the platforms’ 30% commission rate. The controversial ‘Direct payment’ option on the app allowed users to pay a lesser amount for in-app purchases, cutting Apple and Google completely off from their share of in-app purchases on the Fortnite app. Immediately after the ban, Epic not only filed an anti-competitive lawsuit against both tech companies and began its Free Fortnite campaign to gain public support.


New ‘Free Fortnite’ PR package

The ‘Free Fortnite’ PR gear is sent out in a white and thin box similar to Apple’s MacBook box. @GameOverGreggy shared the picture of the package on Twitter. The message reads,

Hi there,

Fornite was named the Samsung Galaxy Store Game of the Year for 2020. In celebration, we’ve teamed up with Samsung to send you a special box of #FreeFortnite gear.

While Fortnite may not currently be available on the App Store or Google Play, you can still get the latest Fortnite updates directly from the Epic Games app on the Galaxy Store. Spread the word, #FreeFortnite.

Thank you,
The Epic Games team.


Epic Games was given the opportunity to bring Fortnite back on the iOS App Store by simply removing the unauthorized update. However, the developer chose not to do so and players around the world were quick to point that out then and now as well. Apple maintains that the update was part of a pre-planned set up by the developer to initiate this war against the App Store and circumstantial evidence does favor the Cupertino tech giant; just hours after the ban, Epic Games had not only begun the Free Fortnite social campaign attacking Apple but also had filed lawsuits against Apple and Google. The developer has joined the CAF coalition against Apple’s 30% App store commission rate.

Apple justifies the commission rate as the standard amount charged by all app stores in the tech industry which Epic Games plays to other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox and says that money is used for the services provided to developers for building apps and for creating a safe and secure digital market place for users.

The court battle between Apple and Epic Games is proceeding towards a trial by jury in July. In the preliminary hearing, Epic Games failed to convince the judge how Apple had created a monopoly and the judge found that Fortnite’s fate was Epic Games’ doing. We will keep you updated on this matter, so stay tuned to iThinkDifferent.

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