No power adaptor with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 models in 2021 – Report

A recent report claims that the new Samsung Galaxy models will not include a power adaptor and headphones in the box. Previously, Samsung was quick in mocking Apple for removing the power plug from the new iPhone 12 box. If the report holds to be true, which is likely, then it won’t be the first time Samsung would be copying Apple’s business plan.

Ironically, to promote its Galaxy line-up the South Korean smartphone maker called the power adaptor a basic necessity and wrote,

“Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for from the most basic as a charger,  to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz on a smartphone.”

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy models will come without a power adaptor in 2021

A Brazilian publisher, Tecnoblog reports that three new Galaxy models, presumable names Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra have been approved by Anatel, the National Telecommunication Agency of Brazil. Expected to launch in January 2021, all three models will ship without the “basic” charger and headphones.

The names Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra have not yet been confirmed: Samsung may adopt the nomenclature S30, S30 + and S30 Ultra, or another variation. The documents at Anatel state, however, that none of the three devices will be sold with a charger in the box ; the headset will also not be included, following the steps of Apple with the iPhone.

This claim is corroborated by a report in October from Korean media, SamMobile stating that the new Samsung Galaxy models arriving in 2021 will either ship with only headphones or without any accessories at all. Meaning, Samsung would not include a power adaptor as well as the headset in the box just like Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S21

In 2017, the company firstly made-fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack from iPhone 7 models in an ad called “Growing Up”. But in 2019, it launched Note 10 without an audio jack and quietly deleted the previous ad from its main social media. However, the ad is still live on some of its official regional YouTube channels.

As per the report, the new Galaxy S21 models will support 5G network technology,  improved processor, camera, display, and support for Galaxy Note S pen. The battery capacity of the new smartphone models will start at 4,000 mAh.

At the October 13 iPhone 12 announcement event, Apple cited environmental concerns as the reason for removing power brick and EarPods. The company also has an ambitious carbon-neutral plan to achieve by 2030. What is the reason behind accessories exclusion from the Samsung Galaxy S21 box, we are not sure as yet.

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