Samsung promotes Galaxy S21 Ultra in new ad campaign hitting hard at iPhone 12 Pro Max

Samsung has released three new short ad clips to promote Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera quality and features. More interestingly the ad campaign belittles Apple’s high-end smartphone model, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

This is not the first time, Samsung has taken a public jab at Apple. Starting with headphone jacks, Samsung has mocked the iPhone maker for taking out the power adapter and Earpods from the box of its flagship iPhone 12 series. But later, the company followed Apple’s footsteps by eliminating power bricks and headphones from Galaxy S21 box, just like it did in 2019 by removing the headphone jack. And now the company is back with an anti-Apple ad campaign captioned “Your phone upgrade should not be a downgrade.”

Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung puts Galaxy S21 Ultra camera against Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max in the new ad campaign

All of the three new ads, released on Samsung’s official YouTube channel, are 15 seconds long showcasing the difference in the two smartphones’ zoom, 108-megapixel camera quality, and promoting Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Single Take camera feature.

First Ad: Galaxy S21 Ultra Space Zoom vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max Zoom 

Samsung shows that when the image of the moon was enlarged on Galaxy S21 Ultra Space Zoom the image was realistic, sharper, and with details. In comparison, zoom on iPhone 12 Pro Max was disappointing as the image showed only a small blurred circle.

Second Ad: Galaxy S21 Ultra Wide lens vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide lens 

Samsung has beefed Galaxy S21 Ultra-Wide lens to 108 megapixels and the iPhone 12 Pro Max Wide lens is 12MP with  f/1.6 aperture. That’s the second feature that the Korean manufacturer target was the rival smartphone wide camera lens.

In the ad, the wide-angle image of a cheese sandwich on Galaxy S21 Ultra was brighter and on zoom showed more natural details. Whereas, on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the image dull in comparison and lost details when zoomed in.


Third Ad: Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max  

The third Apple feature which Samsung attacked is Live Photos. The ad shows that the iPhone users can only take phot with a 3-sec video, and the Samsung smartphone gives up to 14 different images and videos of that single shot.

The ads have very cleverly picked out camera features that Apple needs to improve. However, the ads do not match the other iPhone 12 Pro Max camera features like Night mode portraits enabled by LiDAR Scanner, Portrait mode with advanced bokeh and Depth Control, Dual optical image stabilization (Wide and Telephoto), and more.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera has received a ton of praise, so it is not an inferior smartphone for lacking in a few camera features. But are you convinced by Samsung’s new ad campaign and which smartphone will you choose for your next upgrade? Let us know in the comments section.

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