Instagram introduces new Insights for Reels and Live to help creators and businesses

Instagram has launched new tools for creators and businesses to improve the accounts’ evaluation and reach on its Live and Reel platforms. Titled “Insights for Reels and Live”, the new data provided more information to account holders on effectively assess their performance on Instagram. In addition to Reels and Live, the social media company is also including the new metric on the creator’s or business’ account insights.


Instagram Live feature enables influencers, celebrities, creators, and others to interact with their audience in real-time. Earlier this year, the social media company updated Instagram Live with new Live Rooms which allowed users or creators to include up to three more people in their live broadcasts.

In 2020, Instagram introduced Reels, its copied version of TikTok. Creators can earn a living on the platform via Shop Reels. And now copying another TikTok feature, new insights for Reels will help to improve creators’ e-commerce experience on the Reels, the company has released more in-depth metrics.

We understand that Insights are a critical resource for creators and businesses looking to grow their audience and engage their followers. We will be continually updating the Insights experience throughout 2021 and beyond to better meet the needs of creators and businesses.

Instagram also introduces the new insights for Reels and Live features to account insights

Instagram explains that insights are a “critical resource” for businesses and creators to know which content is more popular than the other and to grow their audience. In addition, insights are also instrumental for growing revenue on the platform. Therefore, the following new features are now part of insights:

Insights for Reels: New metrics include Plays, Accounts Reached, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares.

Instagram Insights

Insights for Live: New metrics include Accounts Reached, Peak Concurrent Viewers, Comments, and Shares.

Instagram Insights

Insights for Account: New metrics introduced on Reels and Live will are provided in Accounts Insights for “a broader picture into how Reels and Live shape an account’s performance.” Instagram is also introduced new detailed ‘Reach’ information in Account Insights so that creators or businesses can know how content is distributed, the types of accounts it is reaching, and which format types are most effective.

The company has also announced that in the coming months, it will release new preset time frame options in Insights which will expand beyond the last 7 and 30 days. And Insights’ desktop support will also be released.

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