Instagram rolls out new auto-caption feature for creators to add to videos with sound off

Instagram is rolling out a new sticker to Stories that allows English-speaking users to add auto-generated captions to their videos. It’s similar to what Instagram has been offering in its Threads app and soon it will come to Reels as well. The company also plans to make it available in more languages and countries.

The new feature will not only make it easier for users who are deaf or hard of hearing to engage with the platform but it also helpful for users who like to watch stories with their sound off or those who do not have access to earbuds.


Instagram newly launched auto-caption with a sticker for Stories will come to Reels soon

As shared on the @instagram on Twitter, to use the feature, users will first need to record a new video using the Stories or Reels Camera in the app or select a video to upload from their phone’s gallery. Then, open the sticker tray and search for the new “Captions” with a sticker, which will convert speech to text.

Once the app generates the captions, users can adjust the style and color of the text. Users can also edit the captions for any spelling or punctuation errors so they accurately reflect what was said.

Currently, the feature is only available in English and in English-speaking countries, but the social media giant plans to roll it out to other countries and languages soon. The auto-captions sticker will be rolled out first to Stories and then the company will start testing it in Reels.

Instagram is far from the first company to add auto-captions to one of its apps. Most recently, TikTok launched ‘Auto-Captions’ for creators. For users with visual or hearing impairments, the app now offers automatically generated subtitles so they can hear or read the content. Currently, the feature supports American English and Japanese and more languages will be supported in the coming months.

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