Facebook introduces new business APIs for Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger apps

At the F8 Refresh Developers Conference, Facebook launched new business APIs on its three most popular social platforms: Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. The new changes include communication, performance improvements, and customer experience across social media apps.


Apple recently launched the new App Tracking Transparency privacy feature on iOS 14.5 which allows iPhone users to opt-in tracking across third-party apps and websites. Although digital advertisers like Facebook protested for the update that drastically impacts its targeted ads revenue, Apple released the update for the sake of users’ privacy and security. Since Apple has conditioned the ATT prompt with the developers’ existence on the App Store, all developers including Facebook have to show the ATT prompt. Therefore, the social media tech giant is looking to promote business on its platforms for revenue generation.

The company’s CFO DaveWehner explained that “the impact on our own business we think will be manageable. The goal is to maintain and, in the long run, even improve [ad] performance with less data.”


Facebook’s new business APIs improve communication, performance, and customers experience

As reported by 9to5Mac, the new APIs are now available to developers. The details on each platform are as the following:

Designed to deliver a high-quality and improved customer experience on Instagram, the new APIs

  • Enable businesses to have all communication in one place.
  • Allows businesses to leverage “the tools and processes they have already put in place to enable more personal conversations and drive valuable outcomes efficiently.”

Facebook Business APIs

WhatsApp’s new business APIs offer faster performance to save time by:

  • Cutting down the onboarding process from weeks to five minutes.
  • Sending additional information to customers like alerts when an item is restocked.
  • Introducing new List messages, “so people can make a selection from a menu of up to 10 options, and Reply buttons, so people can make a quick selection with just a quick tap.”

Facebook Business APIs

New Facebook Messenger business API makes connecting to business easier by introducing Login Connect with Messenger to improve customer experience.

With this feature, customers will be able to opt into messaging with businesses directly from the Facebook Login flow.

Facebook says that among test participants who enabled Login Connect, the company has so far seen more than 70% of users opt into messaging.

Facebook Business APIs

To improve creators’ reach on the platform, Facebook recently launched “Insights for Reels and Live” on Instagram to provide them with more information so they can effectively assess their performance in app.

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