Apple posts new ‘Everyday Experiments’ video as part of ‘Shot on iPhone 12’ campaign

Apple has posted a new ‘Every Experiments’ video on its YouTube channel, as part of its ‘Shot on iPhone 12’ campaign. The video shows some very creative ways of capturing photos and videos using iPhone 12’s various features like slow-motion capture, iMovie editing, Night mode time-lapse, and more.

Everyday Experiments – Shot on iPhone 12

Using just various household objects, or stuff you can easily buy, like balloons, glow-sticks, smartphone tripod, and colored paper, the hosts in the video show how to capture some very creative footage.

With the first experiment involving water-filled party balloons, they show how to capture slow-mo video on a colored background. Later on, they use iMovie’s green screen feature to combine all the clips into one, which is a really cool thing that you can do right from your phone.

The second experiment shows how to use baby oil, water, and food dye in a glass bottle to create cool psychedelic liquid formations. This experiment uses Dolby Vision to capture the dynamic range, but Apple has not uploaded the video in HDR so we can only enjoy the footage in its SDR glory. They also tape the iPhone 12 to the bottle to capture stable footage while shaking the bottle to get various results.

The last experiment shows the use of various glow sticks, string lights, and a Tripod to capture long exposure photos and videos. iPhone 12 not only features night mode, but it also has a new night mode timelapse feature which allows capturing some really cool footage. The video shows tons of light streaks in the photos in creative ways. Our favorite is the one where they capture streaks behind the guy in a running pose, basically replicating superhero Flash’s light streaks right from their backyard.

This is one of the most ‘YouTube’ videos that Apple has made. It has two hosts who take you step-by-step through the various experiments, in a very casual manner, which is not something you can often say about Apple’s videos. They even use tape to stick an iPhone 12 to a bottle, and we cannot imagine that Apple would have approved that easily.

Check out the complete video below. Unfortunately, it does not show all the experiments, which they show at the beginning of the video, like the ones with paperclips.

What’s your favorite experiment from this Shot on iPhone video? Let us know in the comments below.

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