Apple sells iPhone 13 models with EarPods in France only

Apple ships all four iPhone 13 models with EarPods in France. Because of the country’s consumer laws, France is the only country in which Apple still offers wired EarPods with a Lightning connector.

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In 2020, Apple permanently removed the power adaptor and wired EarPods from iPhone 12 box. The company said the decision was taken for the protection of the environment to reduce e-waste by limiting the number of electronic accessories from ending in landfills and reduce carbon emission by shipping more iPhone units at a time due to smaller packaging too. After mocking Apple, other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi also removed power bricks and headphones, just like they did with the headphone jack.

In compliance with France’s radiation law, Apple uses box-in-box to ship iPhone 13 models with EarPods

Under the French radiation law, smartphone manufacturers are liable to provide wire headphones to protect children under 14 years of age from potential electromagnetic radiation. Violators face a 75,000 Euro fine. So instead of making a new box for France only, Apple is using the box-in-box method to provide EarPods with iPhone 13 models; the slimmer iPhone 13 box is placed in a larger white box with EarPods.

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In addition to France, Brazil is also pushing Apple to provide power adaptors with the new iPhone models. In March this year, Apple was given a $1.9 million fine for not including the power brick in the box of iPhone 12 models. After the launch of the iPhone 13 series, the country’s Procon-SP agency is set to fine Apple again for not providing a power brick.

The company now sells power adaptors and wireless headphones separately. Does that make you question Apple’s environmental concerns when it is still providing power bricks for additional money, instead of selling them for free?

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