Apple commits to help medium and small businesses by becoming Co-Chair of Cyber Readiness Institute 

Apple has joined Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) as Co-Chair to help medium-sized and small businesses to “improve their cyber readiness and become more secure.” CRI is an organization that brings business leaders from various sectors and regions to share their knowledge and resources for the development of free cybersecurity tools for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


Recently, the tech giant has attracted a lot of bad press because of anti-competitive accusations by developers and legislators. The company’s public disputes with Epic Games, Spotify, and others have raised questions over its’s role in crushing small developers and eliminating competition by imposing stifling rules. Apple’s new role in facilitating the development of tools to empower SMBs might help the company improve its image.

As Co-Chair of CRI, Apple will share best practices and experiences for the growth of SMBs

The organization maintains that SMBs are critical parts of global supply chains, and it is necessary to improve their cyber readiness. And no one else is more fitting for this role than the U.S first $2.5 trillion company, Apple. As Co-Chair, the tech giant will share its best practices and experiences to help in the development of free cybersecurity tools and resources for SMBs.

Christopher G. Caine, President of the Center for Global Enterprise, a co-founding member of CRI said:

“We are very excited to welcome Apple as a Co-Chair of the Cyber Readiness Institute. Apple’s commitment to raising the bar for cybersecurity across businesses of all sizes, as well as its global reach, will help CRI advance its content and scale its mission. We look forward to collaborating with Apple on developing innovative programs to improve the security of global supply chains by focusing on practical steps SMBs can take to be more cyber ready.”

In the United States, Apple plays the role of community builder as well by funding educational and housing programs for unrepresentative Black and Brown communities. The company is also working for racial equity and social justice in the country.

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