Some iPhone 13 owners are unable to connect new MagSafe wallet to Find My

iPhone 13 owners are complaining that they can not connect the new MagSafe wallet with Find My. Apple launched a new MagSafe wallet with Find My support so in case it slips off the mobile, or is misplaced, users can see its location, enable Lost Mode or enable notifications if the wallet detaches from the iPhone.

The new wallet features a secure NFC chip which enables support for Find My. It can hold up to three cards, and it’s shielded to keep them safe. To use an NFC-enabled card, such as a hotel key, you need to remove the card from the wallet.

The new wallet only works with iPhone 12/ iPhone 13 Leather or Silicone cases or the iPhone 13 Clear Case. With iPhone 12 clear case, the new wallet does not support Find My. As reported by the affected users, the new wallet fails to connect to Find My even with the required iPhone or its case.

MagSafe Wallet - iPhone 13

An iOS 15 bug prevents iPhone 13 users to connect their new wallet to Find My

Affect iPhone 13 owners shared their experience on an extensive Reddit thread and the consensus is that an iOS 15 bug is responsible for the issue. @NecessaryStrong7459 wrote:

Same here, sequoia green wallet with iPhone 13 mini. Get a ping, but nothing happen. If try to add manually, it recognise the wallet, when select “continue”, I can see the Find my information screen, and if select continue again I receive a generic error with a message to try again later.

Another user @alxr19 said:

It seems like a software issue. I went into the apple store and my wallet showed up on multiple phones in the store just not mine. I am guessing it’s some type of software bug. I also tried one of the display wallets at the store and had the same issue. It might be worrying trying to exchange but when I went in to exchange it they where out of the same color so I am having to wait.

MagSafe Wallet - iPhone 13

@Prestigious-Life7827 added that Apple support has suggested an iCloud restore as the fix to the problem.

I spoke with a Senior advisor with Apple support today. I’m having the same issue (iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Magsafe case with Magsafe wallet). Wallet does the animation but I get an error message when I try to add to find my. She told me it’s probably a software bug and the only thing I can do is wipe the phone and restore from iCloud. I will complete this in a couple hours and update you all…

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