Get Twitter Push Notifications to your iPhone by Boxcar

Boxcar Twitter Push notifications Boxcar brings push notifications to your iPhone from Twitter, and works with Tweetie and Twitterrific. It pushes the notifications to your iPhone when someone mentions you or sends you a direct message – you have the choice to turn either on or off. But the best thing about it is that you can chose your Twitter App of choice, either Tweetie or Twitterrific to open the mentions that you receive. Cool yea?

But, this comes at a price of $3. The plus point of this application is that it won’t take you away from your current favorite Twitter iPhone App and also it doesn’t require the Tweet sender to be using the same client as well like iTwitter (which costs $3.99). iTweetReply is another alternative if you’re looking for a client with the Push notifications feature built in and costs $1.99 .
Expect Boxcar to support more iPhone Twitter Apps soon, hence brining more value to its service as you won’t have to stop using your favorite Twitter App even if it doesn’t support push notifications.

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