Boxcar for iPhone/iPod Touch updated; Support for Growl and RSS Feeds added

image Boxcar, the ultimate push notification app for iPhone and iPod Touch has been updated to a slightly new improved look and support for Growl and RSS feed notifications as in-app purchases. Keeping the holiday season in mind, 5 new Christmas notification sounds are also included in this update.

IMG_0100While push support for RSS Feed is a welcome addition, it costs your $0.99 to have push notifications for one feed so you can’t really set your Google Reader feeds to be pushed to you via Boxcar. The new icons in the notifications panel look really good now and now the links in tweets or Facebook notifications are touchable, which means you can touch them to open them up in a browser.



Apart from these improvements, TweetDeck and Natsulion have been added to the list of default Twitter clients. Twitter Retweet notifications can be turned on or off now as well as Facebook ‘hidden’ notifications.  IMG_0101

If you’re using Boxcar, fire up App Store to get the update if it’s not notifying you already. If you’re still not using it, I suggest you try it out for either Twitter, Email or Facebook notifications.

P.S. is the new Boxcar icon awesome or what?

Download Boxcar from iTunes

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  1. You could make a folder in Google reader with all the feeds you want to be pushed to you, then make that folder public. Then use feedburner to make that public url an rss feed that way you would only need to pay for the one rss feed.

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