Simpsons Arcade game coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch

15451_210694017345_46940027345_3035281_2272940_nEA Mobile will be bringing Simpsons Arcade to the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch this month. This game will have real voices and sounds along with the same craziness you expect from the Simpsons, specially Homer. Designed as a classic arcade game, you’ll have to play through 25+ levels in 6 different environments which include popular landmarks that you see in the show. Characters like Krusty and Chief Wiggum will also make their appearances in the levels.

The graphics of the game are inherited from the colorful look of the Simpsons, so for a Homer fan like me, it’ll be a must have game. As Homer, you’ll be able to butt slam, grab and flip and belly flop enemies. Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart will also be available for Homer’s help through out the game.

Even the press release is hilarious:

Use touch and accelerometer controls to “Slap Homer” back to life, indulge in “Doughnut Dreams,” or engage in a hilarious “Inflato-Head” balloon blowing up contest. Can all this be real? Of course not, jerk, it’s a video game played on a cell phone. But it’s pretty close!

15451_210694022345_46940027345_3035282_705525_n 15451_210694027345_46940027345_3035283_1323327_n 15451_210693992345_46940027345_3035277_2838230_n 15451_210694002345_46940027345_3035279_1881864_n With visually pleasing graphics, real voices and characters and a huge fan following, Simpsons Arcade will be a sure hit amongst iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Look for the game to be released this December on the App Store.

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